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Cost of treatment for humans


The indicated amount - 100 - includes ten (10) consecutive days of treatment.


€ 100 per person for

10 days of treatment



Please keep in mind that an image is required.


Bank connection:
Account holder Ursula Gassner
IBAN DE12701204008395111001
IBAN paper DE12 7012 0400 8395 1110 01
Bank Consorsbank
















orange linie

Please transmit a current picture. On this image, only the to treated person must be to detect. Also not an animal. Otherwise, no treatment can be performed.

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Use following filename for an image, otherwise no assignment can be made.

Name_first name (on the treated)_location_numbering. one of the following formats:   gif, jpeg, jpeg, png


Doe_ Martine_Anytown_1.jpg