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Treatment costs for your pet

The treatment costs depend on the size of an animal.

The amount includes treatments in episode three (3) days.
This means that if the beginning of the treatment starts on Tuesday, that the treatment are free on Wednesday and Thursday.

The subdivision is to help you be able to allocate the cost of treatment of your pet.
If more than one pet, please enter the total below the term "total of the Animals" in the box.

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Please keep in mind that an image is required.
Bank connection:
Account holder Ursula Gassner
IBAN DE12701204008395111001
IBAN paper DE12 7012 0400 8395 1110 01
Bank Consorsbank

















50 per animal 35 per animal
20 per animal
Horse, ... Dog, Cat, ... Bird, ...


cowboy riding horse animat


dog and bone mallard duck sitting in pond


elephant presenting


cool cat sunglasses love bug holding heart
 ...  ...  ...


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Please upload a recent photo. In this photo, only the to treated animal may be to detect. Otherwise, no treatment can be performed.


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Use following filename for a photo, otherwise no assignment can be made:

Name_first name_species_name of your pet_residence_numbering. one of the following formats   gif, jpeg, jpeg, png