Ursula Gaßner
I wanted to focus only on the healing of animals.But mum and dad noticed the healing of her pet and thus came the question of whether I would heal people?
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Anyone who has not have a PC, you can feel free to send me his experiences on paper. If someone in your family without a PC, please inform them about the healing phase energy.


Card readings, channeling, energy healing phase

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Witch on pot





Down to Earth

Terms such as "... of God", or the like angels are a desperate attempt to rewrite something supposedly unnatural into the natural: the same conditions today, as in the Middle Ages.

Through decades of experience and feedback confirmations have emerged. About the Tarot books are written, but the book learning takes just a blink of experience. Who puts maps, requires far more skills from.

Who channeling, usually only performs this talent. In my case it is a smooth transition between Tarot and channeling. Channeling is to open a channel to another level of being ability.

It may happen that a person is described, with its preferences and fashion. This person wants to convey information. The answer known only to the customer, which also clears up the situation: There are deceased.
For many scary - for me this is part of my life. By supporting other knowledge support I could learn to understand the relationships between the existence.
For the channeling, there are three different forms of information. Is usually that only one is mastered. I have to master the gift of all three.

Due to the fact that an animal does not "say" can, where it hurts, I have decided to help the animals - no matter what kind: and it reacts instantly!

The human noticed the healing of his animal, because an animal can not be influenced - so why not in humans?

The requests became more frequent, even non pet owners.