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Healing phase energy compared

The comparison is only roughly show the differences.



gives the self-healing process of the body. Depending on the process this can be carried out with and without touching the body.
About the inauguration, a Reiki teacher enables the Reiki student the rituals in the form of training.


Medical practitioners

try other ways to go as a family doctor, as hemopathy, acupuncture, Chinese medicine.
He may also prescribe certain drugs ..


Abbeten (german word) or laying on of hands

is specific to the problem areas. Depending on the delivery of the to be executed / n, a strand of hair or an image sufficient to achieve a temporary improvement.


Ability of cognition

is eliminated by "seeing" the energy flows in the body disorders. It may also be that this Einreckungen must be performed.


Healing energy

it is also spoken of PSI energy. There are blockages are found to bring the flow to the flow of energy. Can also be activated with self-healing.
Additional terms may be transformation, light or energy work.


The guide begins with a question to get an answer. Diseases or symptoms can be resolved by recognizing.
No hypnosis required.


The cards can reveal health problems.


Arangels work

is to enable the self-healing process. This includes help for difficult situation to find.
The operations are usually explained with religious references and descriptions.