No Risks

With healing phase energy does not create any risks.

A diagnosis may be the result of a symptom, but it may require that the first real - not perceived cause is treated.
The body of the person concerned will send the appropriate signals, which understands implement the healing phase energy medium.

Everyone reacts differently, as well as the duration of the healing phase differ. A response can to be immediate, but the healing can take months or even years depending on the disease.

Until complete healing, it can cause pain episodes with ever increasing time intervals, depending on the nature of the disease.



If an exacerbation should be noticeable, so this is a natural process.


In homeopathy, is spoken by a homeopathic aggravation, aggravation.
The so-called "healing crisis" is for homeopaths to prove that the body responds to the medicine.


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Cost of treatment for humans


The indicated amount - € 100 - includes ten (10) consecutive days of treatment.



€ 100 per person for

10 days of treatment



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Treatment costs for your pet

The treatment costs depend on the size of an animal, fish, bird, monkey, dolphin.

The amount includes treatments in episode three (3) days.
This means that if the beginning of the treatment starts on Tuesday, that the treatment are free on Wednesday and Thursday.

The subdivision is to help you be able to allocate the cost of treatment of your pet.


50 € per animal 35 € per animal 20 € per animal

Large animals, such as

Animals - such as
smaller animals
Horse,.. Dog, Cat, ...
Bird, ...


galloping horse with cowboy


Dog with bone Duck in the reeds


Elephant presenting


cool cat with sunglasses Love bug holding heart
 ...  ...  ...

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Caution - Exclamation mark in red
Please remember that at the beginning of treatment, for the next few days, is expected reactions such as

  •      Diarrhea (human and animal)
  •      emerging oral mucosa, please spit it out - DO NOT swallow!
  •          Spitting in animals
  •          Discomfort in animals
  •      Black stools
    •      later, possibly after months in humans
      •      Discontinuation of black feces in animals.