Healing process in humans and animals

For many an impossibility, for other already-gone-a true fact!

  •  The healing phase energy is natural.
  •  The healing phase energy is without medication.
  •  The healing phase energy sets at there, where it is required. Not, what the body thinks noticeable.
  •  The healing phase energy regenerates the body.
  •  The healing phase energy strengthens the immune system.
  •  The healing phase energy boosts self-confidence.
  •  The healing phase energy supports the healing process (such as fractu re injuries, scars heal better ...).


Simply use a recent photo (like your passport photo)!

It is important that only the person to healing or only for healing animal in the photo is visible.

Small repeat

That there is no mischief is operated notice ALL who have already received the healing phase energy. Some can be found in the guestbook.

 The human being is complicated. The Waiting is hard for him. But after a short time even the biggest doubters quiet after they have engaged in the healing phase energy.
 Family and friends notice the positive change. Personally, people are beginning to recognize this during the healing phase, positive changes in themselves.

 However, you know that a healing phase may last several months or several years. It must be stated so by the cycles are getting shorter.

 An animal immediately noticed that energy healing phase had been sent.



Must agree to everyone for himself.

It told me that nausea emerged when taking medication. At weaning, the nausea disappeared.


Healing phase energy can not replace a trip to the doctor. The diagnosis can be applied as a guide for the use of energy healing phase.

For toothache, a dentist is needed.
At fracture, the physician is asked as a professional. A doctor will make sure that the fracture grows together correctly. However, the healing phase power can help the healing process - possibly shortens the healing process.

Old and forgotten diseases, surgeries, broken bones, cuts and so on.

The healing phase energy is a phenomenon.

The older and the longer someone is already a disease state, the longer the healing.

You lack self-confidence? The healing phase energy can help here too. Who has accepted the healing phase power, will recognize that it would be good if the partner also takes energy to complete the healing process.

Some phases in the healing phase energy can contradict turn painful depending on inputs. Whoever has only pain, will not tell the difference whether the pain to be there or is caused by the healing phase energy. But the distinction is clear. The pain in the healing phase power is limited in time and returns again at appropriate intervals. It is recommended that a calendar - to keep a diary.

The body determines at what point the healing process begins.

In the guestbook

can you cure results and medical histories of people and animals read.