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Date 2013-08-03 20:33:00
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A small briefing about the thyroid:
The thyroid gland produces too much hormone, the TSH drops. The thyroid gland produces too little
hormone, the TSH increases.
The central control station for the thyroid gland is the pituitary gland.

When thyroid surgery (January 2002) a small part remained. I had to take hormone pills to stay
within the tolerance range.
A few months later I got a very severe stomach cramps with blood in
bowel movements when I was eating wheat products.
In a university hospital all sorts of allergy
tests were performed.
The result was, I had no wheat allergy. Abdominal pain and bleeding
contradicted the result.

In intestinal and stomach reflections could not be determined. I later came out that this was in
The reflection should have been done when I had these problems. Who already had
colonoscopy knows what preparations are necessary and I do not want to comment further about it.

Of this healing art I learned from a woman in the autumn of 2009.
At first I thought, probably nothing sensible. However, this woman had had already deal with the
healing process and the results spoke for themselves.

Then I trusted this healing art in early September 2010 - without consulting the doctor. Were
aware of the health hazards.
Than in December 2010, learned my doctor about it, she almost
had a heart attack.
I could get a cold in the fall and coma absolutely had to take thyroid
tablets again.

Only this healing art has the peculiarity that one can take the tablets already, they just do not
work or there is a nauseated and out with it.

The Euthyrox 175 micrograms (mcg, mg) hormone pills made me very aggressive and moody.
Euthyrox 150 was too low because of the deteriorated value. This hormone pills had infested
my body.
The character at the beginning was that I often had to go to the toilet. I knew,
however, that the accumulated "beasts" such as tumors, must first be carried out from the body.

Somehow fascinating and incomprehensible to the same! The healing process starts and the
body decides the healing sequence.

A few days after the initial healing phase, I could eat wheat products without problems.

However, the phases were repeated in gastrointestinal problem. Hardly stomach cramps, just
a little blood in the stool and took only a few minutes.
The phases between the
gastro-intestinal problems were getting longer.
In April 2013, the stomach and bowel
problems were massive.
Hours of stomach cramps. Much blood in the stool. After three days,
finally - listening to the problems with the stomach and intestines.
It was the culmination,
since were no longer on the stomach and intestinal problems.

The healing process I've repeated three times at yearly intervals. The feeling of repetition
was just there and the next will follow soon.

I make a graphic available, which is to show how the values ​​haywire. If the value of a
TSA basal value of 22.40 may / ml should I have problems with metabolism.
This is
extremely slow.
The mental and physical performance declines. The mind plays crazy:
lack of motivation and phlegmatic temperament (not in the mood for anything).
The body shows
up with weight gain, dry skin, slow pulse, and extreme sensitivity to cold.

None of it! Any of these signs. I feel much more comfortable without the hormone pills. Even my
doctor shook his head.
She did not understand, but the healing phase spoke for itself.

The healing process began three years ago and has not yet ended. I will continue to let the
TSA check value and update the results in the table.
The next TSA value will be in September 2013.

It will be exciting. But I'm sure that the value will stabilize in the normal range.

The Graphics announces the improvement of already.

Values ​​of the thyroid in German